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About Us

We at Gold Coast Chronicle are an on-line news digest that is owned and operated by DS Publishing and Entertainment Internet, Inc.

Our Mission is two-fold: to bring you an organized group of daily events from the world and to be recognized in the fight for the protection of our kids, the youth of our country.

Gold Coast is a patriotic organization and we appreciate and respect our brave men and women in uniform, their families and the associates close to those who protect our freedoms.

We are committed to being the eyes and ears for our readers and will answer to no one but you the readers.

We at Gold Coast have your interest in mind; bringing you the facts and refusing to be influenced by any outside interests.

With due respect for all our readers, we view publishing as a privilege and have tried to design this news journal objectively.

We expect that this will always be your place to voice your opinion.

Additionally, our charitable organization, the DASK Children’s Foundation, Inc., was formed to help kids in need and that’s why we donate 10% of our income to a variety of youth groups.

For us to be successful, we ask you our readers to be our eyes and ears by commenting on the information that we provide and by sending ‘letters to the editor’ for review and publication.

Welcome to the Gold Coast Chronicle, a Miami based company; your personal news journal.


Dan Samaria


Publisher: Dan Samaria

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City Editor: Patricia Hassell

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Typographic Director: Kimberly Hassell
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Kimberly Hassell, Dan Samaria, Patricia Hassell, Jim Zoufal, Dan Clark, Jim Burns

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