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A Must See Before Election: 2016: Obama’s America

  By Catherine Cameron Pinney GCC/Staff August 25, 2012 Love him or hate him, you don’t know him. This tagline of “2016: Obama’s America” may not impact you now, but watch the film and it’s likely to give you goose bumps. Indian-American political commentator Dinesh D’Souza collaborated with Gerald R. Molen in making this documentary, […]

Atlas Shrugged Part 1: A Review

  By: Ann-Marie Murrell GCC/Staff Apr. 16, 2011 Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged should be required reading in every school and university in America. It is the anti-Socialism guide book–a warning anthem against allowing government to take over every aspect of our lives. I’ve read Atlas three times and even missed a flight last year while […]

One on One Interview with Filmmaker Ray Griggs

One on One Interview with Filmmaker Ray Griggs

By Lonely Conservative GCC/Staff Oct. 18, 2010 I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray Griggs, a writer, producer, and director in Hollywood, California.  We talked about his conservative documentary I Want Your Money. Griggs describes the film as a warning about the dangers of socialism and the drift towards big government. The film pits the ideas […]

We Need to Support This Movie: “I Want Your Money”

  By Dan Samaria Publisher/GCC Oct. 18, 2010 America I need your help! It is important for every American to learn the truth about our country’s fiscal status. And the hopeless future that Washington is creating for our children. Our country is broke and we can’t afford more tax and spending policies. It is time […]

Movie Review – Michael Jackson’s This Is It

  by Kerry Bennett October 29, 2009 Editor’s Note: If you have a movie review that you would like to submit on a movie that you have seen. We would like to know what you think about any reviews that we publish. dan@goldcoastchronicle.com For Michael Jackson fans, this is it — a chance to finally […]

Movie Review – Whip It

by Kerry Bennett October 17, 2009 Editor’s Note: If you have a movie that you would like to summit on a movie you have seen. We would like to know what you think about any reviews that we publish. dan@goldcoastchronicle.com The small town of Bodeen, Texas doesn’t have a lot to offer a misfit like […]

Movie Review – The Invention of Lying

  by Kerry Bennett October 2, 2009 Mark (Ricky Gervais) has just made a remarkable discovery. While everyone in the world he lives in always tells the truth, he can lie! Using his newfound ability, he quickly begins to take advantage of the trusting souls around him — especially the beautiful Anna (Jennifer Garner). In-Depth […]

Movie Reviews: Love Happens

  by Kerry Bennett September 18, 2009 Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart) has all the answers for dealing with life’s problems — including the loss of a loved one. But when the self-help guru bumps into Eloise (Jennifer Aniston), a woman who makes him look at the man beneath his façade, he is forced to question […]

Movie Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

  by Rod Gustafson August 29, 2009 Some wives complain that their men don’t spend enough time with them. For Clare (Rachel McAdams) the issue is even more of a problem because her husband Henry (Eric Bana) was born with a rare genetic disorder causing him to involuntarily travel through time. Despite the obvious challenges, […]

Movie Review: Post Grad

by Rod Gustafson August 21, 2009 Many graduate students leave college behind with big dreams of high-paying careers and changing the world. But Ryden Malby’s (Alexis Bledel) future plans get a reality check when she can’t find a job and has to move back home. In-Depth Review Post Grad is rated PG-13: for sexual situations […]

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