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Welcoming a New Member to Our Staff- Susan Swift

Posted by on Nov 30th, 2009 and filed under Publisher's Message. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

GCC PublisherBy Dan Samaria
Nov. 30, 2009

We at the Chronicle continually seek creative, knowledgeable, hard working Americans to join our staff.

We would like to introduce you to Susan Swift, who will be writing a weekly column in both Gold Coast Chronicle, and in our children site Young Chronicle News & Reviews.

We first heard of her when she appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s Radio show as one of his callers. 

She has passion and freely expresses what millions of Americans are feeling, and about where this country is headed.  Susan is married, well educated, and the mother of seven beautiful children.

We hope you will enjoy her passion and commitment to this country like millions of other Americans who are disappointed in the direction this Administration is pursuing to lead us.

We would like to know what you think. dan@goldcoastchronicle.com




susan1In his own words:

No longer “Just a Mom” I called into the Rush Limbaugh show on September 30th.  Rush announced me as “Susan in Glendale.”  I spoke for about 10 minutes uninterrupted summarizing his show that day passionately without a stammer or stutter before Rush went to a hard break. 


Rush let me speak again for an unprecedented 21 minutes of airtime because of my passion.  It was good radio.  Someone dubbed me Rush’s “epic” caller.  And, as I said in that phone call, I did it all without a teleprompter.


I picked up the phone to express outrage at my government.  What the Rush telephone call did was to confirm that there are MILIIONS of moms and dads out there in fly over country who think just like me. 


We are sick of government spending OUR MONEY, especially when that elite body of millionaire representatives ignores us repeatedly, and exempts itself from the burdensome laws it imposes on the rest of us.


Since then I have given a local cable television interview for Crown City News and a radio interview on Breitbart TV and have learned a lot about Face book.  I have learned to “bog,” too.  And now Gold Coast Chronicle has invited me to write articles. 


My background:  I worked professionally in both the entertainment and legal industries.  Marriage elevated me to the position of “wife” and then I was promoted by God to the position of “mother.”   I left the career track in favor of raising a family.  And I was happy doing my job – newsflash to N.O.W. many women voluntarily become mothers and enjoy the thankless job of raising children — sure, the pay stinks but the benefits are priceless. 


Then Obama began to rock my children’s world.  The huge debt and socialist programs have wrecked my retirement savings and now threaten to rob my children of freedom and opportunity to pursue their own brand of happiness.  I would prefer the provincial life, agonizing over school fundraisers and homework woes.  But I can no longer just change diapers as my children’s freedom is taken away. 


I asked Rush where were all the conservative leaders and what can we do right now to have an effect on this rush to socialism.  Yes, there are some good conservative voices out there. 


But there are not enough to counter the onslaught of leftist bilge that passes for reporting in the “Lame stream” media (hat tip Sarah Palin on Fox News Hannity). 


So I cannot be ‘just a mom’ anymore.  None of us can afford that luxury anymore.  We’ve got to get in the game.  I guess Obama promoted me to the position of “community organizer.”  And I hate him for forcing me to take that promotion.



Source: Susan Swift

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