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Cartoon of the Week: Obama Talking out of Both Sides of His mouth

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By G.D.Rico
Oct. 17, 2010

Editor’s Note: We are honored to welcome another cartoonist to the Chronicle, Mr. Greg Rico.

Mr. Rico was with the Sacramento Union until they closed recently. He is an award-winning artist and is also the proud son of a Navy Purple-Heart Veteran. His father helped to form his deep-rooted conservative values and sincere love of family.

This past December he won an award in Journalism, for his work in Cartoons. The award is called Golden Nugget of Free Journalism.


As long as there are Republicans and Democrats in Washington making fools of them—Greg Rico will always have an excellent source of material. Greg currently resides in the greater Sacramento area with his three children. You may contact Greg @ gregdrico@gmail.com

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Source: Greg Rico

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