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One on One Interview with Filmmaker Ray Griggs

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By Lonely Conservative
Oct. 18, 2010

I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray Griggs, a writer, producer, and director in Hollywood, California. 

We talked about his conservative documentary I Want Your Money. Griggs describes the film as a warning about the dangers of socialism and the drift towards big government.

The film pits the ideas of Ronald Reagan against the ideas of Barack Obama. (Not to give anything away, but I think Reagan wins.)

He spent time in September and October in New York and Washington, DC, doing “man on the street” interviews of every day Americans.

(That in it should be interesting.) He also got to know the folks from the National Tea Party and the Values Voters Summit.

The film features interviews with some well known voices in the libertarian and conservative movements, including Star Parker, John Stossel, Steve Forbes and Steve Moore.

The film’s logo was designed by an artist from Mad Magazine, who also helped with the animation segments. 

Using voice-overs, Griggs has Ronald Reagan trying to teach Barack Obama the lessons of smaller government and free markets, and how Mr. Obama’s policies fail time and again. The film was made to appeal to a younger audience.

That’s so important. Hollywood has had such a hand in shaping the cultural and political landscape, as have our schools.  The virtues of capitalism are no longer taught in public schools, which Griggs sees as a big problem.

Coming out as a conservative in Hollywood isn’t easy. Neither is trying to find investors and donations for funding the distribution of conservative films. And without backing, independent films can be pulled by theaters.

Griggs would like to release the documentary in the spring or summer of 2010, and he’s working on lining up backing for the project – another uphill battle in liberal Hollywood.

He seems like a man who is genuinely concerned about the direction of our country, and believes California serves as the perfect example for the path the rest of the country should not follow. But it seems that’s exactly the path we’re on.

When 62% of Americans don’t pay taxes, they don’t mind if taxes on the other 38% go up. What they don’t understand is that when taxes go up, the wealthy get going.

They’ve fled California and New York for states with lower taxes. We’ll see more and larger companies move operations overseas to escape the crushing tax burden here in the US. There won’t be any incentive left for people to work harder.

There was a bit of a controversy over Griggs’s you Tube video “I Guess I’m Racist“. (Liberals don’t like it when someone points out their idiocy.) He’s also the man behind the Bobble Rep app, which makes it easier than ever to contact your representatives in Washington, DC. Other works by Ray Griggs include the award winning short adventure Lucifer, and the animated children’s film Super Capers.

Source: Lonely Conservative

Editor’s Note: When this interview was done the movie was in production and not out yet.

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