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Glenn’s Face Your Storm

Posted by on Jun 6th, 2009 and filed under Face Your Storm. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

by Glenn Beck
June 6, 2009

Editors Note: We at the Chronicle would like to encourage you to visit a site that we believe can help us all during this tough times. The site is called “Face Your Storm.com

Each week we will bring to you stories from the readers in their own words, from this site. We hope that you will visit this site and tell your story in your words.

Everyone goes through storms in life. Whether they are brought on by personal decisions, or thrust upon us by circumstances beyond our control, the storm isn’t what defines us. The way we battle in the storm and eventually come out on the other side is our defining movement.

This site is for you. A place for you to share stories about your personal storms and how you have made it through.

Your story, our story could help provide some semblance of shelter to others as their storms rage.

Here is an example of stories that will appeal on this site:face_your_storm


Mr. Glenn Beck,

I just finished The Christmas Sweater and the message it sends is one of great proportions. I have never read a book cover-to-cover, but yours was one I couldn’t put down. In many ways, both subtle and direct, I found myself relating to Eddie and with each correlation between his experience and my own, I would find myself tearing up and pausing for a moment to consider the wonderful and hopeful message this story has to offer.

We truly all face a storm, and at best, I’m still standing in that corn field. I have been facing a storm for many years and I believe the message of The Christmas Sweater is going to help me brave it and get to the other side.

Thank you, Mr. Beck, for sharing your story with all of us. Your experience and the story to come along with it is an inspirational work of art that God wanted you to share with people like me; those of us that might need that little reminder that no matter how dark our lives may be at one point in time, we still deserve to be happy and are never completely alone.

With the utmost sincerity and gratitude,

Alexander from Missouri


Dear Glenn:

I am not a reader. I think I am intelligent, but, like you, I am riddled with ADHD. That awful H in there has me to where I cannot read. Well, today I BOUGHT your book and READ your book. Recently I went through a divorce and I have three kids. Each has problems, each has issues and ones that I simply do not have the time to put you through the task of dealing with. I will tell you about one though, and this is, to me, amazing. He is 14, his name is, ALSO, Edward. He had many problems with the divorce and, was at one point, suicidal. There were many factors that went into this, and it was VERY much touch and go for a long time. This past year he has really changed, grown up, become mature. I decided to take him to that simulcast of that CRAZY person, Glenn Beck, and that show from Houston. I will tell you this, he will go into the Marines. He wants a scholarship in ROTC and he wants a full career with them. It was amazing to see a young man, age 14, in an almost standing position, in applause, for the entire show of yours. The things you said there, and also in your book, reflect a lot of what has happened to me. Am I this person you describe? No, I am not and neither is my son. However, what I WILL admit to is that we BOTH have the problems and solutions that you have offered in your book. I assure you there IS hope for EVERYTHING. The church I go to is a Christian church. The words YOU use and the words my pastor uses are identical. You expose the identical message he is talking about now, that WE make choices, that WE have the opportunity to succeed, that WE are our own CEO’s and that WE have the right and obligation, for atonement of ALL our misdoings.

I need to tell you thank you for this, it was remarkable you could hold me close to the words for that long. I thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with all of us and it is MY hope that God rewards you DEEPLY for what you have done, and also for what you are DOING. Do NOT stop, there are more out here that believe and agree with you than you probably realize.


Source: Face Your Storm

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