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Sussman’s “Patriot Ribs

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ribsBy Irene Whiteside
July 4, 2010

We at the Chronicle, hope you and your family will have a wonderful blessed 4th of July.

We hope you will remember the true meaning of it, which is to honor the birth of America.

As you are cooking for your friends and family, here is a receipt that we hope you will enjoy.



Patriot Ribs

Cover, but don’t smother, both sides of baby back ribs with rub of
choice (I prefer Kirkland’s Sweet Mesquite BBQ Rub from Costco).

Place ribs (meat side up) in ceramic or glass baking pan.

Pour Samuel Adam’s Cream Stout ( Guinness Stout works great too) into pan, at least an inch deep. (DO NOT USE LIGHT BEER – YOU MUST USE DARK BEER)

Cover with aluminum foil. Let sit for a couple hours.

Preheat oven to 320. Bake ribs (in the pan, with the beer, covered with the foil) for two and a half hours. Turn off heat. Let ribs remain in closed oven for another hour.

Braise ribs over hot BBQ grill. This is “show time;” all we’re doing here is putting some grill marks on the meat. I usually start with about three minutes on the bone side, and then three on the meat side.

While the bone side is up, I slather on my favorite BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays).

After braising the meat side, I turn the ribs over and quickly slather the sauce atop the ribs, and then pull them off the grill and onto a serving plate. Enjoy!

Observing the ribs one last time, make sure there is ample sauce

Source: KSFO’s Brian Sussman




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