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Beck: We Must Never Forget

Posted by on Sep 11th, 2009 and filed under Audio Clips, Human Interest. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Glenn Beck
Sept. 11, 2009

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It is September 11th, 2009. A National Day of Remembrance. A day that we need to ask ourselves, who are we, where have we been, what have we done, and where are we going. Two days ago I went to the top floor of the Fox building and I went up on the roof. All the radio studios are in a different building, and I look right at the Empire State building. But my view of where the World Trade Centers used to be is blocked by a new building.

Two days ago I went to the roof of the Fox building to cut a greeting for the 9/12 project that will play on the Jumbotrons there in Washington D.C. tomorrow. I stood there on that roof. I didn’t prepare anything to say. I just knew that was the visual, that is where I wanted to be because you could see the Statue of Liberty and you could see where the empty stays is, where the world center used to be. And still there is nothing.

And just next to that space is the glorious Empire State building. It’s beginning to have to be dark when I get in in the morning. I’m usually here 6:45 to 7:00 every morning, and I sit in my office and the sun kisses in one window the evil gargoyles of the Chrysler building, shimmying in the sunlight, stainless steel. And as the sun starts to peek through the buildings past the Chrysler building, it then touches the face of just the stainless steel bands of the Empire State building and it goes all the way from the base of it all the way to the top.

And so every morning at a certain time of the year and it’s beginning to get closer and closer again the Empire State building, which is framed in one of my floor to ceiling windows in my office is just a glow. And many mornings in the last year since I moved into these offices I have sat there and I have wondered… where are we headed.

That building sets on the space that used to be the Waldorf, at the time one of the most famous hotels in the entire world, the Waldorf. But they knocked it down, cleared the space. In just over 400 days Americans knocked down the Waldorf hotel and rebuilt the icon of America, in just over 400 days with less technology, with men who threw hot steel and hot rivets at each other.

We changed the space of a small island that we bought for beads forever. And yet the space of the World Trade Center sets empty. Why? Are we less of people than our grandparents were? Do we have less ability? Do we have less drive? Do we have less imagination? Do you know what they used to call the Empire State building? For years it was known as this. They used to call it the Empty State building. I don’t think I’m mistaken. I have to look this up, but I don’t believe the Empire State building has ever had 100% occupancy. For years during the Great Depression it was a symbol of hope.

Many tried to tear it down and say it is the real message of America: It’s empty. But the owners of the Empire State building, then mocked by the media as the Empty State building turned on the lights so it looked like there were people inside. They built it anyway. They built it as an icon. They built it for the future. They built it for the wonderment of man in America.

We keep hearing that nobody wants to buy into the new World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower. In fact, it’s no longer called the Freedom Tower. It’s going to be World Trade. In fact, let me add the other offensive word: One World Trade. One World Trade. That’s fantastic. Why have the Freedom Tower when we can have one World Trade? That’s fantastic. Why did we change it? Well, because of occupancy.

We needed to get some occupancy. A Freedom Tower might be a little offensive. It might make it a little more of a target. The freedom center and Chinese investors also were a little ruffled at the idea of freedom. I contend that today we need to remember, not just 9/11 but remember who we are. Are we mice or are we men? Are we Europeans or are we Americans?

Are we one worlders, or are we free men? Are we the people that will sit around and look and see this scar on this island and accept it because of political correctness, because of special interests, because of labor unions, because of big corporations, because of big government? Is that who we are? Who, who’s stopping us? I contend, I contend that the day that rubble was cleared that the only thing was stopping us were special interests, political correctness and politicians. Because if it was up to me, I believe it was up to you, we would have built it, we would have built it at twice the speed, we would have built it 25 stories taller and we would have built it with our own damn hands if we had to.

Send a message to the world. We are America! Anything you destroy will only make us stronger. We will only make it better. We will only make it bigger. Not to gloat. But because we can. Where is our American spirit? Where is our ingenuity? It’s still alive. Listen. You can hear it. It’s no longer calling for help. It’s digging itself out from beneath the rubble and the wreckage. It has laid dormant for a while. It laid confused and dazed, but it’s about to come out of the smoke, dust itself off, and declare itself free again.

Source: Glenn Beck

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