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Fred Thompson Show – August 4, 2009 (Recast)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
On The Fred Thompson Show…

Fred Thompson Show August 4, 2009

Hour 1: Jeremy Anwyl – CEO of Edmunds.com
Hour 2: James Dau – AARP Spokesman


Former president Bill Clinton is on the move again. The white house is making it clear Mr. Clinton is on “a private mission.” That sound you heard coming out of the White House Monday….the sound of “tap-dancing” about middle class tax cuts. What do you think? Did the White House “money-men” simply “allow themselves to get into a hypothetical back and forth” as Mr. Gibbs suggests or was this a planned “trial baloon”?

Also this hour , we continued to help set the record straight about what the Obama health care bill really says about end of life care. We spent more time today nailing down exactly what the Obama/democratic health care plan says about “end of life planning.”

With public attention focused on health care, beer summits and “clunkers” we have taken our eye off of the Gitmo detainees. Once again, some of them could be coming to a neighborhood near you.

We heard that the administration is thinking about moving the entire Gitmo trial process to either Michigan or Kansas. We will keep you update to date on these developments!

Source: The Fred Thompson Show

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