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A Must See Before Election: 2016: Obama’s America

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By Catherine Cameron Pinney
August 25, 2012

Love him or hate him, you don’t know him. This tagline of “2016: Obama’s America” may not impact you now, but watch the film and it’s likely to give you goose bumps.

Indian-American political commentator Dinesh D’Souza collaborated with Gerald R. Molen in making this documentary, which is based upon D’Souza’s book entitled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

Without opinionated criticism, D’Souza opens by objectively citing certain unprecedented and otherwise inexplicable decisions made by Barack Obama since his 2008 election.

Unlike his predecessors, Obama stepped into office with virtually no evidential leadership experience when a bafflingly spellbound majority voted a handsome, black variable into the White House.

Upon this premise, the film seeks to decode the mystery of Obama’s ideology – to explain the things he’s already done, but more importantly, to understand what he intends to do if reelected.

D’Souza journeys to the people, places and influences of Obama’s past in a frighteningly rational psychoanalysis of a man with a deeply-rooted, inherited agenda for both the United States and the world.

And since first-term presidents historically modulate those agendas to ensure a second term, we can expect a 2016 America to be drastically altered in ways even most liberals would never imagine or desire.

Though some viewers may question the findings of D’Souza’s experts, the compelling characteristic of this documentary is that its conclusions are drawn directly from contextual statements made by Obama…about himself!

I truly did walk out of that theater feeling that I had seen the real Barack Obama for the first time.

Love him or hate him, make sure you know him before November 2012.


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