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Glenn Beck – Christmas Sweater

Posted by on Mar 18th, 2009 and filed under Face Your Storm, Glenn Beck, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Glenn Beck
Mar. 17, 2009

Editors Note: We at the Chronicle would like to encourage you to visit a web site that we believe can help us all during this tough times. The site is called “Face Your Storm”.

Each week we will bring to you stories from the readers in their own words, from this sight. We hope that you will visit this sight and tell your story in your words.

Everyone goes through storms in life. Whether they are brought on by personal decisions, or thrust upon us by circumstances beyond our control, the storm isn’t what defines us. The way we battle in the storm and eventually come out on the other side is our defining movement.

This site is for you. A place for you to share stories about your personal storms and how you have made it through.

Your story, our story could help provide some semblance of shelter to others as their storms rage.

Here is an example of stories that will appeal on this site:



I also lost a parent (my father died when I was 20), married twice, dealt with alcoholism, drug abuse, general scoundrel-ism. I also had a “hit the bottom” moment at which time I contemplated suicide. I dropped out of high school, homeless at 16 years old, and hurt everyone around me.

Today, I work as an applications engineer by hard work, competing with degreed engineers (my formal education still stands at 10th grade and Army Mechanic’s School), and know that everything I have is mine because I work harder than my peers and because God is giving me my second chance at life.

I’m not a crier. The last time I ‘cried’ was when my father died. I ‘misted’ when my kids were born, but I’m a tough worker who prefers to use humor to get past tough situations. I bought An Inconvenient Book because it looked informative. I bought The Christmas Sweater, because I thought it would be interesting. I’m travelling for work, so I’m sitting in my hotel room with tears streaming down my face as I realize you are writing a fiction based on your life, but it could easily be based on my life, with few exceptions. I have come to realize that even in my hard work, I’m still standing next to the corn field facing the storm. I’ve been standing here for 20 years. I’ve not realized I need willfully to walk through the storm.

I feel I’ve had a good life, I’ve certainly overcome the shortcomings on my resume. I certainly have overcome my family issues (I’m VERY happily married with 4 wonderful kids), but as much as I’ve improved my life, the cornfield still taunts me. I feel as if I’m finally ready to step in and I have you to thank. This story has helped me make a life-altering decision that will bring my life, I believe, to the level God has reserved for me.

Thank you!



Greetings from Colorado:

“The Christmas Sweater” arrived in the mail this afternoon. I read the story reliving many moments in my own life. My grey-greenish storm was a deep, slimy pit … an old muddy and useless well like those I recall on the always wet farms in the Pacific Northwest.

I was first aware of my anger churning into a ball of black bitterness one night as I walked home after baptismal class. I felt so alone in the rain walking from church across the bridge to our house. That was the year I was fourteen. I was insanely jealous of the others in my class that could wait in the warmth of the foyer for moms and dads to come for them. I didn’t understand how God could put children in the hands of parents who didn’t care and seemed to enjoy pummeling their children. (I saw alcohol from the receiving end of a drunken fist.)

It wasn’t until the summer of my 57th birthday that I finally forgave God. I was lifted up out of the slimy pit of self-loathing and self-pity and placed on solid ground eighteen years earlier. But similar to your story, we most likely have many storms to pass through. It may sound like heresy to suggest that I would dare say that I forgave God. But, what I mean to express is that I came to understand He was always with me … especially in the dark places. Like Eddie in the book, I found true repentance and forgiveness … or maybe, it found me!

I find it so remarkable that we have to come to the end of ourselves before we begin to find the beginnings of Life.

The book is intense. The book is personal. The story shook me to recall afresh how thankful I am for redeeming Grace. You have an impressive writing style; I could hear you talking the story as I read!

God Bless

Gayle from Colorado


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