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We Need to Support This Movie: “I Want Your Money”

Posted by on Oct 18th, 2010 and filed under Feature, Human Interest, Movies, Publisher's Message, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.


By Dan Samaria
Oct. 18, 2010

America I need your help!

It is important for every American to learn the truth about our country’s fiscal status.

And the hopeless future that Washington is creating for our children.

Our country is broke and we can’t afford more tax and spending policies. It is time to learn the truth that the News Media, Washington and Hollywood are hiding from us!

There is a movie that we as Americans need to support because the liberals in Hollywood don’t want you to see because it is put out by a conservative.  

I respect a director that is willing to put his reparation, on the line to bring a movie that is worth seeing.

There have been some conservative movies that have succeeded in Hollywood, but most have them are not allowed to be produced.

The directors have a hard time getting people to work with them, getting investors to invest in their movie.  Most investors get their money from the liberals in Hollywood and are not willing to put themselves on the line.

Being afraid of the anger that will be put a pound them by the liberals.

When a movie like Jackass 3D is a big hit that proves to me the movies are not worth seeing. And that America is going in the wrong direction.

The liberal people in Hollywood force their garbage on us, when a conservative comes out with a movie it is boycotted by the liberals. And told that it is garbage…

Here is a description about the movie by Sasha D:

“I Want Your Money” is a documentary that opens in theaters nationwide this past Friday. The movie pits the success of Ronald Reagan against the socialistic Obamanomics.

According to the trailer, 67% of Americans do not approve of Obama’s economic policies, but many of those claim that they like him as a person.

Does this give him more ammo to push his agenda forward than other politicians would receive?

Almost certainly.

The movie aims to show the stark differences between Reaganonomics and Obamanomics. It shows the two different views.

Throughout most of “I Want Your Money”, it typically leans to the right, but does explain why some believe Obama’s plan is best in the long.

The Director is Ray Griggs; you can see his interview done by Lonely Conservative on our site.

We need to support this movie; we cannot allow the liberals to tell conservators that they have to stay in the closet. If they want any of their movies to ever being produced, since they think they own Hollywood.

Let’s show them they are wrong and support this movie. And that movies like Jackass 3D is not worth seeing and show them  that Jackass 3D is not worth seeing, especially when it involves our children.

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    Yes we do!

    Thanks for the article, Dan, I’m sharing …

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