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America We Must Restore Courage and Support Israel!

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By Dan Samaria
August 20, 2011

America! Starting this weekend we must show the world that we will not betray a friend in their time of need!

We must stand by Israel even if our own President won’t!

We must Restore Courage and let our President know that he works for us. And that Americans will NEVER, NEVER turn against Israel.

This President is the first President in our history that will turn against Israel since they became a State in 1948.

Please join the Chronicle along with many leaders around the world. Who will join Glenn Beck in Restoring Courage and stand up with one united voice.

For those that have been sleeping and don’t know what I am talking about, Glenn’s company Mercury Radio Arts is hosting three events in Israel, starting this Sunday.

You will be able to see on GBTV different faiths that will start Restoring Courage and show Israel that all faiths support them. With the main event will be the evening of August 24 it will be held at the Southern Wall Excavations.

We believe that the media will not have the courage to cover this event.

For those who will not be able to join Glenn in Israel, please sign up for GBTV. (click link)

The price of the ticket $4.95 it is worth the investment, to show Israel and the world that we as Americans will always stand by them no matter what, even if our President won’t.

The best person to explain what this weekend and Restoring Courage is all about is Glenn Beck  please share this video with your friends.

We at the Chronicle will cover this event, if you are able to be there or will be watching it on GBTV.  We hope you will send reports to us, so that we can show the world and the rest of the media who hates Israel. That we will always stand by them no matter what!

Please send them to dsthebugman@bellsouth.net along with photos, videos.

Source: Restoring Courage

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