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Breaking News- A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus

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By Scott W. Winchell
June 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: We at GCC are standing by SUA staff, the original source of this report was from a person who spoke with service members in theater.

The sources’ story was conveyed as printed, and it was confirmed by military personnel who did not want their names published.

Official statements were not forthcoming and no commentary was added.

SUA and Gold Coast Chronicle made numerous attempts to get official responses, but none were forthcoming

Friday, June 8, 2012 4:40 PM EST – SUA has learned through various sources that an unprovoked attack on the US Navy occurred this morning in the Straits of Hormuz. CVN-65.

 The USS Enterprise aircraft carrier and its group were reportedly attacked by no less then 4 sophisticated jets.

Confidential sources within the military have confirmed the attack off of the “Broken Isthmus”

There is no confirmed word on damage or if there are any casualties, but SUA has learned that this attack may have caused injuries and possibly one death. We have contacted the military and are awaiting official response. SUA is reaching out across the land to confirm.

Any sources would be welcomed. As of 5pm, CentCom has neither denied or confirmed the reports and pledges to update when further information is available.

UPDATE 5:25 EST – US Navy released: From U.S. Fifth Fleet–USS Enterprise completed a routine, nonthreatening, transit of the Strait of Hormuz. No date confirmation.

UPDATE 6:30 PM EST – “The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which oversees Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and controls strategic missile units, have had a series of naval and air maneuvers in the gulf in recent weeks.

These involved the firing of an array of missiles, including anti-ship weapons, and focused primarily on the Strait of Hormuz.” (This was published today at noon.)

Click here to read the whole Navy story published at noon today by UPI.

UPDATE 7:30 EST – SUA has been unable to secure further official military responses to date. Until further information is available, we stand by our original sources; however we are going to table the story at this time.

We invite any official contributions pro and con.

For the sake of our troops in the field and our national security, we hope this was a mis-interpretation of a naval event as reported by individuals in theater.

Source: Stand Up America US

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40 Responses for “Breaking News- A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus”

  1. nightingalern says:

    Where did you get this information. I’ve been told it is a hoax. I am a military mom. Please verify

    • Dan says:

      We have updated the story. We had good sources and we stick by our story. We always back it up with many sources.


      • seal183 says:

        If you had valid sources you would then know that the USS Enterprise is in Norfolk, VA preparing to be decommissioned.

        • seal183 says:

          sorry the Enterprise just left Midway Island were it celebrated the Battle of Midway, she is headed to Japan.

          • BigE BBStacker says:

            Your data is faulty. The Enterprise is NOT in the Pacific, she is in the Gulf. The Memorial she had was in the Gulf with th rest of her Battle Group operating with the Fifth Fleet.

        • navywife2010 says:

          The Enterprise left Norfolk mid March and wont be be back to decom until the end of the year.

  2. chrisfarrell says:

    Does Iran have any of the unaccounted for ex-Soviet nuclear weapons? If said nuke were to be detonated right on the aircraft carrying it ‘allahahkbar’ fashion at an altitude of 18,000 feet or higher what would be the effective radius for such a weapon assuming it was of typical Soviet design? What about underwater? If an old Russian nuke were exploded on board one of Hugo Chavez’s submarines at x depth what would the y killing radius of an American Aircraft Carrier be?

  3. iAmerican says:

    Gulf of Tonkin Hoax Redux: Satan’s calling card.

    All under The Oath are charged on their lives with protecting the Constitution from all “enemies, domestic” even if they’re wearing our uniform or title of office.

    Bush and Cheney committed 9/11 on behalf of the Hitler-financing, JFK-assassinating “Big Oil” Rockefeller-Bush Fifth Column of the Roman Anti-Christ, of which Our Founder Mr. Jefferson and Dr. King warned.

    • BigE BBStacker says:

      You are a frigging idiot!

      • ribbont says:

        If you don’t understand what he said. You should first look into it before calling him an idiot. He is absolutly correct and you are ignorant of the worl around you friend. Why don’t you take a trip to the local library. Heck make a day of it. Go to something called the history section. Spend a few months there and then come back and call people idiots all ya want…………….. peace.

  4. JIDinPhilly says:

    A quick search for ‘USS Enterprise false flag’ will bring up a ton of articles and videos from 6 months ago about this exact thing happening. They must think we don’t watch what they’re doing.


  5. NavyWife says:

    First of all, you spelled HormuZ wrong.

    Second, the official Enterprise FB just released a statement they made a safe entry through the Strait of Hormuz yesterday, taking away any credibility for this story. If this attack did occurr, communication on the entire strike group would be down, therefore statements, emails, nothing would be able to be sent – nothing could be sent to or from the ship. You can also find several comments from wives and families who have heard from their sailors who say the same thing – nothing happened.

    I strongly suggest you retract this article, instead of making yourselves look like you got a big break, instead you are getting a rep as an unreliable source spreading “stupid, nasty rumors”. In addition to the negative attention, this article may also breach OPSEC (Operations Security) – you are to never discuss ship movement, dates, etc. unless it is released to press by the US Navy – and as we see here and can now verify, as you are unable to verify a response from officials, you probably didn’t get militaty permission to release this. Breaking OPSEC puts all of our troops at risk and makes uncredible, false reports like this one a chance at becoming a reality. As a Navy wife and someone who wants their sailor safe, please have a heart and retract this instead of spreading panic and danger over false information.

  6. arwalton510 says:

    To any of the comments above, you are all moronic. The USS Enterprise completed a safe passage through the Strait of Hormuz with no complications, as was posted by the official Enterprise Facebook page. Do you really think we are so stupid as to believe any of this? My husband is aboard that ship. Spouses are hearing from their sailors. Under the situation you described, there would be no communication at all. Get your facts straight and stop embarassing yourselves. Issue the retraction.

    And to iAmerican and IJDinPhilly, you have positively no idea what youre talking about at all. First of all, if there was any credibility to what you were saying at all it wouldn’t be plastered all over the Internet. Secondly, “they must not think we aee watching”? How immature does that sound… They know more than you think they do, about a great deal more things. So until you put a pair of combat boots on, are issued top secret clearances to actually know the reality of your stupidity, shut your mouths. Because you will never know what its really like, or what is really going on. Just remember to thank my husband and his buddies who protect your right to say whatever comes out of your mouth.

    • navyspouse says:

      To that note, I must expound because I was so upset by this that I responded on my phone. NavyWife, thank you for talking some sense up there, and nightingalern, the story is indeed a hoax. It never happened. OPSEC is a huge concern here in a few of the other comments, such as publically giving away locations and directions of missions. Since I know that none of this is also true, I will say just watch the news and listen to your sailors, because People will say whatever they want, because Freedom of Speech is a right. However, that doesn’t make them right.

      to iAmerican and JIDinPhilly again, I cannot express how disappointed I am in your lack of patriotism. I find what you said to be offensive, moronic, and downright juvenile. Not only is any of it true, it is said in sheer ignorance of the facts and feuled by a need to speak negatively of the United Sates military. This mission is not feuled by oil at all, and that has never once been mentioned, and false flag attacks do more harm than good. Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself from now on.

      Thank you.

      • igneousgrimm says:

        How do you know the mission isn’t fueled by oil? Even if this mission isn’t, the overall war likely is. And it’s not like they would tell you just because you’re a military wife. It’s not like that makes you in the ‘know’. The US government lies to their soldiers all the time. And they lie to their citizens. And they cover shit up. It’s not negative speaking against the troops, because the troops are generally just as much a victim of circumstance as anybody. It’s more geared towards the government, and even if this !American guy above is a raging asshat with his conspiracy theories, it’s not completely unthinkable that we are being lied to or that the military has an agenda. Most people have an agenda. People are generally greedy and dishonest, so it wouldn’t come as a shock to me to find out that the government / military / corporations or somebody was up to something no good, considering they all fall under the category of ‘PEOPLE’ and are therefore capable of greed and dishonesty. Quit mindlessly taking America’s side all the time, and quit with the judgmental patriotism nonsense. “Patriotism is a last refuge to which a scoundrel clings, steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king.” – Bob Dylan

  7. NavyWife says:

    kind of funny how now this has been confirmed false, they suddenly have nothing more to say.

  8. Spookdblog says:

    As for lying and subterfuge, it’s interesting that this event comes on the 45th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty.

    We invite you to Google it for yourself to see the significance.

    There is, of course, always the possibility that all comms regarding this incident may have been shut down to prevent any further disclosure. That was the case with the USS Liberty, and even Admiral Moorer, the CNO, was ordered to silence.

  9. PL says:

    Spirits incarnate, living as humans in our midst; moving openly and freely, yet undetected by the masses, or even their hosts. Like the spasms of a decapitated body, the fact of the matter, that’s precisely what it is; if you really think about it. Their illusions are many, which overtake the sleepwalking masses. Now know that they do take flesh and walk among men, to mold a new species. Puppet masters, the supersession of humanity. Die young, stay pretty. Just a message for the stoke: SaintVeil

  10. gerlad says:

    You f…. liars….I talked to my son at 2am this morning and he is fine. Don’t worry all you Sailor moms and dads this blog is a scam and a bunch of liars. I’ll never ever be back on this site again, and will contact all the advertisers and tell them what liars you are. Spreading this story and scaring the shit out of everyone. You should be ashamed, and as is with any blog once they do this people leave your site and never come back.

  11. Spookdblog says:

    Re the mis-spelling, there is no correct English spelling, although cartographers settled on Hormuz. In Arabic, it is مَضيق هُرمُز‎, and in Persian/Farsi/Iranian it would be تَنگِه هُرمُز‎ .

    So, we end up with a transliteration of English letters that match the sound.

    You may have noticed the various spellings of Gadafi, Qadafi, Kaddafi, etc., and even within DOD/CIA/State Dept correspondence, there is no consistent spelling.

    As for this incident, we hope to hear more reporting from the Gold Coast Chronicle, although by now, we suspect that someone from the NCIS has suggested they cease reporting on the topic.

    In Admiral Moorer’s situation, Lyndon Johnson personally directed him to NOT respond to the attacks on the USS Liberty, even though there was a USN aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea, ready to launch. LBJ was concerned he might offend our Ally [and its political clout in the US] which was strafing/bombing/torpedoing our unarmed ship.

    Eventually, our Ally admitted to their “mistake” and paid reparations to the families of the US sailors [34 killed and 174 wounded] — drawn from the $3 Billion subsidy our Ally received from the US.

    The MSM didn’t bother to mention the anniversary of D-Day, the 6th of June since it apparently is no longer significant to them. They will likely also neglect to mention 7 December as Pearl Harbor Day.

    But, the true “Day That Will Live in Infamy” is 8 June 1967, the day a trusted Ally repeatedly attacked an unarmed, fully flagged US vessel in international waters, killing or wounding 208 US sailors.

    When the topic is raised these days, they comment — “We apologized; get over it!”


  12. apricottx says:

    Yellow Journalists, if that at all. So many bloggers out there do get to the truth of the matter but you are rumour mongers and liars. This Navy mom wishes you to go straight to hell for the misery I went through yesterday worrying about my son and his shipmates with your horrendous lie. It wasn’t just a rumour, you falsely stated military sources were confirming it. Well, my son called us at 11:36 p.m. to calm his poor parents down. The wonderful Ombudsman for his ship were inundated with calls all day yesterday because you rumour mongers had a field day. This is what was called yellow journalism back in the day. You will never be a real journalist or a blogger that can be trusted. I will personally contact each and every one of your advertisers and insist they pull their support from you

    God Bless our U.S. Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force.

  13. Dan says:

    First off. All comments that are put on our site, have to be approved the editor.

    We don’t censor any comments unless you curse or threating someone. We don’t only put comments that agree with us, that is not what real Journalists is about..

    As you have seen we have published all comments that strongly disagree with us and threating to go after our Adv. To get them to stop doing business with us. Other medias stop telling the truth if it affects their adv., we will not allow that.

    We check our sources to make sure they are correct.

    We report the story with all the facts and let you decide for yourself.

    Dan Samaaria

    • apricottx says:

      You may claim all this, but do note, SUA buried the story.. So should you, now knowing how false it is. Your editor needs to do a better job. Married 25 years to a photo journalist who has worked with our local AFB PR team, we know that stories don’t always hit the main stream media immediately. But they do eventually. And yet, we hear nothing of this attack except on your site, WRH.com and SUA. You are not journalists. Journalists, which are a rarity these days, do not report speculation. And when they have sources they quote them.

  14. gerlad says:

    Looks like you may be waiting tables soon after the Navy moms and dads get through with you. SUA has buried the story and is pulling comments to hide the lies that they and Gold Coast yellow news have told. I will continue a campaign to have your credibility tarnished for the lies you spread around the world. I have contacted Michael Rivero to let him know he was taken for a ride too. Tell me who broke the story? Your lying website or the other website SUA. Maggots feeding with other maggots.

  15. gerlad says:

    Just contacted Mazda and told them my story. I suggest all you other Navy moms and dads do the same. Contact their advertisers and complain, ask Rush Limbaugh.

  16. gerlad says:

    Toyota is next!

  17. gerlad says:

    For some reason the Mazda ad I just commented on has been pulled for this site. Hmmmmmmm

  18. gerlad says:

    Hey again,

    It looks like the Toyota Ad has been pulled I just commented on. Good one Dan. This shows how innocent you are.

  19. gerlad says:

    I guess I’ll just go now to the dating site and tell them I won’t date anyone who reads this garbage. Then to the VA Loans…..Dan your taking away my advertisers…I’ll be back. Toyota, Mazda have phone numbers to their corporate offices I suggest before this site is bankrupted you call them and tell them about the story.

    • Dan says:


      With all do respect to use and see I published your comments. we don’t censer our readers. Even if they are full of garbage. you are the one lieing we don’t have car ads, that you said you supposely had pulled from our site.


  20. apricottx says:

    I saw the ads too, they were there. You pulled them down,not him.

    My son is aboard that ship and called to tell me he was fine. I am his mother and would detect anything in his voice contradicting what he said.

    Let’s see, unknown jets fire upon the Big E and yet here we are 4 days later with no retaliation on our part? No world news or sabre rattling from presumed attacker.

    I call bull shit.

    A Navy mom, proud and strong

  21. gerlad says:


    Good try but I have screen grabs. Mazda wasn’t amused by your antics, and Toyota has your name and website address. The case number for Toyota #1206110486. They will be contacting you soon, and if you’re using their ads to give you credibility it is illegal. Your site is where I got the information to contact them. Oh yeah you don’t even know how to spell lying. Yellow journalism.

    • Dan says:

      There is no Car ads on Gold Coast Chronicle. If you seen any that is put out by google not us.

      If you are talking about SUA that is not us. We do stand by the story that they wrote and we report.


  22. apricottx says:

    So its just a coincidence that the ads were there and when gerlad posted he was contacting them they were gone, poof, like that. i still call bullshit.

    And if you stand behind the “story” (and what a whopper it is) then why no update? From anyone? Again, my son is on that ship, called me, he’s fine they are all fine. Hell we knew about the Liberty much sooner than 5 days when it happened, so why haven’t we heard ANYTHING from any other source than you and SUA about this? And no update?


    • Dan says:

      I don’t know what site you or he was looking at. We don’t have car ads on our SITE!

      People need to stop lieing about seeing those ads on my site, maybe there are car people hacking our site and putting them there.

      The only reason that i could see them doing that is because of the paper we are and that we tel the truth!

      If these lies about the ads continue, I will do something that I have never done since 1980 when we started this company.

      And that is not approve these comments. After all unless I approved them they don’t go live!

      Dan Samaria

  23. NavyWife says:

    Retract. retract. retract. SUA had the balls to own up to their mistake, time for you to follow suite, esp. since you name them as a back up source in your article.

    Why should anyone believe you with your arguments about your ads when you have lies printed in black and white all over this page? If you can’t own up about something like this, you won’t own up over something dumb like sponsers pulling their support.

    I am super curious as to how you have all these sources….surely no one would think to call some rinky dink “news” source like gold coast upon attack and besides – literally, the second this attack happened, all communication for the entire strike group with the Enterprise would immediately be shut down – no phone call, email, nothing, it would all go black….and you are telling me your sources spoke with people who were there – even though if said attack really did take place, there would be no communication…let me guess, you used ESP to get the info, huh? Anything to keep the story up, huh. And you are telling me that you honestly think that on the whole entire Enterprise – 4-5 THOUSAND sailors, that NONE of them are going to speak of this if it occurred. If you think that, you really are as ignorant as you appear.

    SO Dan – now you are threatening to take away our freedom of speech and not post the comments, not letting our opinions be seen or heard? Good call Dan, good call. So you can post lies, but we can’t? Makes sense.

    • Dan says:

      First thanks for taking time in writing.

      Second you are like others who don’t read the story to the end. I never said that I would stop freedom of speech. I allow people to send their comments and publish them. In 20 years I have only not published one comment of those that were positive or negtive. That one was a person who cursed and threaten from writer.

      I hope you read all three updates on the story, especitally the one from the navy.,

      This one the navy denialed that it happaned. If it wasn’t because of what SUA and GCC reported it would have never come out.

      Read this than get back to me, this is in their own words.

      In case you don’t know. a military person will not go against their leaders. There was alot more that we could have reported but we didn’t because we could not confirm it.

      We reported only on items that we can confirm. Our sources are real.

      If you have took the time to follow us, you would see what we were all about. And as a vieetnem verteran myself. How dare you say that I don’t support our troops. That is why I reported this story.


      Publisher of GCC

        • Spookdblog says:

          I’ll weigh in again.

          I speak from a long military career, as a combat commander, and director of operations for a large intelligence organization. One brother was Navy Captain [and DDE commander], my other brother was SAC Intelligence, and my father was a Provost Marshall. I’m no neophyte when it comes to these issues.

          There are times when events occur which the military does not want published, so it is easiest to put up a smokescreen.

          At Fort Bragg, a senior officer with the 82d Airborne Division was stupid enough to line his troops up along the runway — and when a wind gust pulled the landing plane into the troops many were killed and injured. The parents were notified their lads died in a training accident, and the story really didn’t get much coverage. [I felt bad because I had recommended the officer for that position.]

          I recounted the USS Liberty incident [Google it for yourselves] in which there was NO information released because the President [LBJ] personally blocked it — and ordered the Chief of Naval Operations into silence.

          Because you don’t see a story in the MSM does not mean the event did not occur.

          It may not have occurred. But, on the off-chance that it did occur, and that the implications for international conflict might escalate, I’d say there may be merit in reporting the incident, if for no other reason than to elicit input from those near/on the scene who might be able to clarify the situation.

          • Spookdblog says:

            As I ponder this report, I recall that 8 June was the 45th Anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty – resulting in more than 200 US military casualties.

            The attack included napalm bombing, strafing, torpedoes, and shooting US sailors in life rafts.

            The Israelis jammed the distress calls from the Liberty, and US fighters from a nearby aircraft carrier were ordered [by the SecDef, and again by President Johnson] to return — before they could protect the USS Liberty.

            The purpose of the attack was to sink the ship, with 100% casualties, and blame it on the Egyptians to draw the US into a war with Egypt.

            Oddly, this reported attack on US ships on 8 June 2012, blamed on Iranian jets, bears a striking similarity to the attack on the USS Liberty, as a false flag attack, blamed on Iran, would force the US to retaliate against Iran — the goal Mr Netanyahu has been promoting for quite some time.

            After the Liberty incident, all sailors and officers were ordered to not discuss the incident, under penalty of court martial.

            So, if you don’t hear from the sailors who may have witnessed this attack, they may be under the same direct orders.

            Eventually, we will hear some first-hand accounts though.

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