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Glenn Beck: Week of ‘Restoring Courage’ Events from Israel

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By Scott Baker
August 21, 2011

As the sun eased its way into the Mediterranean horizon Sunday evening.

Glenn Beck greeted an enthusiastic crowd of over 3,000 to the Caesarea Amphitheater: “Welcome to the land of milk and honey!”

Beck’s week of “Restoring Courage” events is beginning with a religiously themed evening entitled “The Courage to Love?”

Early in the program Beck was joined on the stage by historian David Barton.  Grammy-nominated vocalist Vernessa Mitchell was accompanied by an ensemble of Israeli singers and musicians. 

In the first half of the program the audience heard passionate remarks by author Mike Evans and Florida pastor Tom Mullins.

Mullins challenged the capacity crowd:

“It’s time for the people of faith to stand with a courage that flows from God’s deep love and defend Israel!

We are gathered in the very spot, where, centuries ago, the faith of the Apostle Paul was put on trial.  Paul resolutely refused to compromise the truth of his faith.

He stood with great courage and embraced his destiny; and his life had profound, eternal impact on the world.”

Rabbi Shlomo defined “courage” in contrast with its “fraternal twin” strength:

Strength is physical prowess: Courage is spiritual sensitivity.

Strength is rooted in selfish self aggrandizement, hell-bent on taking over and dominating “other” on destroying one’s enemy.

Courage is rooted in self sacrifice, Heaven-sent to give to and share with “other” to turn one‘s hated enemy into one’s beloved friend.

Strength revels in power.

Courage reaches out in love.

Indeed, Courage begets and demands love; the very Hebrew word for love Ahava derives from the root verb HAV which means to give.

Here are some pictures from the early moments of the program.

This post will be updated throughout the evening.


Source: The Blaze

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