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Obama signs the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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By Dr. Richard Willner
August 26, 2012

We are developing a picture of the practice of medical care if Obama’s vision of America’ Health Care is realized.

Tenets of Doctors for Obama
1) I want to work harder for less pay

2) I will be so talented with my computer skills that when I get added to the National Practitioner Data Base I can get a good paying job in Silicon Valley.

3) I will fuel the economy by hiring a slew of people (who I hope are trust worthy people with half of a brain) to keep me in compliance with each and every requirement.

4) I will be a constant student…not keeping my medical skills up to date,,, but studying all the new laws and trying to determine WHAT the requirements are. I’m a smart guy… I like mental stimulation.

5) I look good in orange, so when one of my employees accidentally violates page 62-64 of the Affordable Care Act, I will sit comfortably in my government paid cell. At least I will get free food and medical care!

6) I went to medical school for 8+ years and have crushing student loan debt because I LOVE dealing with computers and authorization forms and denials of care and collection agencies. I love dealing with bureaucracies.bring them on.
Gee, there is no time left for these sick folks… tell them that all their health problems are caused by their own bad choices in life… the Nanny state rules.

7) The real panic in my life is when my office computer gets a virus or a Trojan. No time for patients with a virus or just tell them to use Trojans.

8) I will have a very neat organized office. No file folders, no x-ray files folders, just a sleek computer screen. How is the solo practitioner supposed to transfer all his files to a computer…?

Worries about violating HIPPA when just anyone can be hired to help… its ok when my patients are subject to identity theft when my employees moonlight with crooks… I am only paying them minimum wage for copying files and they need to make a “living wage” by whatever methods they see fit.

9) I love deadlines… it reminds me of the fun times in college when I had a thesis due…. it gives me a rush of adrenalin.

Currently there are deadlines for upgrading your office. New codes/ Lower reimbursements. If I am an established medical provider, I may have 10000 files of paper records that all need to be computerized… how many years back do I need to go?

10) I love to broaden my horizons… You need to be a lawyer to understand the law… Have you read it? Click here but keep your lawyer handy for translation. (Print it out… but it will take 6 reams of paper).or just goes to law school in your free time.

If lawyer Katherine Sebelius can determine medical restrictions, I should be able to understand the legal mumbo-jumbo.

11) The appeal of a new patient population – concierge medicine looks very enticing. Too bad for my established patients who have counted on me for years.

Remember Your Vote will create Your Future



Source: Docs 4 Obama Care    Richard Willner     America’s Medical Society

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