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Our Forever Gratitude to the Survivors of 9/11

Posted by on Sep 11th, 2014 and filed under Human Interest, Politics. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

survivors-of-911By Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr.
Colonel, United States Army, Retired
Sept. 13, 2014

Since the terrible tragedy of 9/11, when terrorists took the lives of over three thousand of our fellow Americans, I have been struck by the testimony of the survivors.

Each year they share their witness on the anniversary of the terrorist attack. Their stories are marked by respect for our honored dead, grief for their terrible loss, and prayers for lost loved ones. And each year I shed tears of sorrow for those who have given much and suffered much.

What I find remarkable is that beneath their grief is an uplifting and ennobling message. For each and every prayer, testimony and witness contains a message of hope. Each is a love story of great beauty.

Each witness demonstrates the courage of our fallen first responders, or the sorrow for a wonderful mom, or love for a lost dad.

I am struck by their words reflecting diverse lives from every walk of life that contain a common theme of courage and love for faithful, departed loved ones.

So it is that each year I am glued to the television set during the ceremonies marking the anniversary of the tragedy. I listen to the love stories told in hushed reverence of the commemorative services.

I watch in awe at the reverence of the survivors and mourners, who inspire us with their love stories.

Their love stories strike a dramatic contrast with the tales of crime and infidelity that make millions for Hollywood glitterati. Hollywood productions send a different message of infidelity and crime – a message unheard in the 9/11 testimonies shared in reverent prayers for lost loved ones.

It is well that we have the witness of the 9/11 mourners. Theirs is an important message that is often lost amidst Hollywood glamour and news headlines.

The mourners’ message is important because it contradicts the commercial depravity that distorts reality of actual Americans from every walk of life.

The love stories of 9/11 survivors are real; and they are uplifting and ennobling. We, the fellow citizens of the 9/11 survivors, owe a debt of gratitude to mourners, who remind us of life’s love stories that unite us in a celebration of life that is truly grand.

Thank you to each of the 9/11 mourners from the bottom of my heart



Source: Stolen History

Editor’s Note: Colonel Andy P. O’Meara’s been featured in dozens of publications, published several exceptional titles including; ‘Only the Dead came home’ as well as ‘Accidental Warrior’.

He graduated with the 1959 class of WestPoint and continues his writing, advocacy work and research studies today.

One such program, ‘Science on the cutting edge: Hormonal impact on psychosocial dysfunction as related to PTSD’ is directed by O’Meara, Annie Hamilton, Scientific Researcher and Writer and several other figures within the military, intelligence, medical and scientific community.

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