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Rep. Walsh on his Trip to Israel for Restoring Courage

Posted by on Aug 19th, 2011 and filed under Business, Politics, Restoring Courage. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Glenn Beck
August 19, 2011

Yesterday, Congressman Joe Walsh appeared on my radio program to discuss the fact that many congressmen had been denied funding to go to Israel on a fact finding mission.

A portion of which would have been spent at the Restoring Courage event on 8/24 – approximately 3 hour of the entire trip (Read the original story here).

Well, Walsh returned to radio this morning to give an update on what had changed in 24 hours.

“Again it’s fairly simple.  We were approached by a great group, the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation.  They do great work around the world promoting Israel’s cause. 

They came to us to sponsor a factfinding trip to Israel that coincided with the time that you‑all are there.  Obviously we didn’t coordinate with you guys. 

Ethics committee came back and they had some ‑‑ they had some objections to the trip.  We think we’ve straightened out many of these objections.  One of the objections they had was that Glenn’s events were just a little too political in nature. 

Now we were going over there to embark upon a number of fact‑finding meetings and stuff but, you know, what, I wasn’t going to run away from what Glenn was doing over there.  I wanted to participate in it,” Walsh explained.

“And look, the folks at ethics do a great job.  They look out for our interests.  I think there was just concern and I think it’s misguided that Glenn’s events are political in nature.  I don’t think they are.  They’re educational.  Israel’s our closest ally. 

They are in a danger right now like they’ve never been in, and all Glenn Beck is doing with his Restoring Courage rally is trying to educate and encourage leaders from all over the world to get behind Israel. 

So we’ve resubmitted our paperwork with the ethics committee and we’re hoping that they’ll reconsider and then I can still get over there and join you all,” Walsh said.

“I didn’t want to run away from what Glenn Beck was doing over there.  I mean, I didn’t want to get that off of my itinerary. 

I wanted to make sure that I ‑‑ that that was part of my educational three‑day trip was to participate in that and that I considered it more educational. 

I mean, I think all members of congress would benefit from being in Israel this week, especially with everything Israel’s going through.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Congressman Walsh and whether or not he can attend the event.

Source: Glenn Beck

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1 Response for “Rep. Walsh on his Trip to Israel for Restoring Courage”

  1. dianemn says:

    The Liberals redefine “political” to suit their needs.

    Take, for example, the Miserable Failure’s Magical Misery Campaign Bus Tour.

    That was a campaign bus tour, but they redefined it as just getting out to meet the people so the Miserable Failure could force all of us to fund it with our hard-earned money.

    Republicans need to put a STOP to all of this Liberal nonsense.

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