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Stones Were Wrong: If you’re Israel, It’s not

Posted by on Apr 13th, 2012 and filed under 9-12 Project, Feature, Human Interest, Politics. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

By Audrey Russo
Apr 13, 2012

“Time is on my side, yes, it is. Time is on my side, yes, it is.” –The Rolling Stones

It’s that time again…time for the nimrods of the world…including the current administration…to give the maniacal Mullahs of Tehran: More Time.

Time to waste as they make haste to fulfill their machination: Regional and world dominance for Allah…and the destruction of the ‘Little Satan’ (Israel) and the ‘Great Satan’ (US). 

And they can be assured of accomplishing their goal because of the plethora of ‘Appeasinators’ globally. And leading the pack of Dangerous Weenies is President Barry Obama. 

Washington Post leaker, David Ignatius, said that Obama told his best bud, Turkey’s Erdogan to tell his best bud Ayatollah Khamenei that O has no problem with Iran’s nuclear program as long as they cross their heart NOT to continue their nuclear weapons program. 

The Road Runner must be close because I just found the super-genius…

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu said this past Sunday concerning the P5-1 talks with Iran scheduled for next week, “We have seen that Iran uses the talks in order to deceive and mislead.”

Bibi gets it. We get it. But Barry is so overwhelmed by instructing the Supremes with all his Constitutional expertise…it’s all good to him. 

Time is a present for Ahjad and the Mullahs. And Barry and his ilk are more than happy to present it to them with a bow. But that bow will cost innocent lives…

So the Stones were wrong. If you’re Israel or the US…it’s not.



Shalom Through Strength…

Source: Audrey Russo 

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